Kim Has A Strong Desire To Assist People in Navigating Their Financial Course

She believes in the importance of deliberate and disciplined planning and the role she plays in helping others win at life. Every advisor wants to be viewed by clients as a trusted advisor, the resource to whom they turn for counsel – not just on their financial matters, but on their overall well being. To do that, you have to be a resource for all the things that concern clients, not just what makes you money.

Affluent clients want to talk about what worries them and financial issues such as portfolio risk, minimizing taxes and retirement readiness, with frequent mentions of work stress and health concerns. Dig deeper, though, and another concern emerges –having their children and grandchildren grow up to be happy, productive and successful adults (always recognizing that success has to be defined on our kids' terms, not ours or our clients). To be able to engage clients in helpful conversations on this issue, arm yourself with informed perspectives from experts in the field.